What is Perilous Learning?


-Learning without thought is labour lost, thought without learning is perilous- Confucius-Learning without thought is labour lost, thought without learning is perilous- Confucius -Learni

I have probably spent far too long considering a name for this new blog. Something that reflects the nature of what I hope learning will be in my classes (if not all), like the best ‘student driven’ questions, ‘what’s next?’ or ‘how can I improve’

Something that helps to not only document the process of learning but to allow that learning to be public, like ‘explain your thinking’.

Something that is ‘fun and clever’, but reflects a favourite phrase, ‘hard thinking’.

Maybe something ‘beyond the overhead’ like ‘doing inspirational’ or ‘better than recess’.

Based on my latest endeavours at uni and the unusual urge to be referencing this first post, perhaps another common classroom cry, ‘prove it!’

But none of those reflect my well known affection for glitter like ‘learning that sparkles’ or positive, reinforcement of new, big ideas like ‘learning on fire’.

For the learners (note, not just the students) is is ‘exploring, creating, improving and sharing’. 

Perilous learning makes some colleagues nervous but the students excited! It’s not a detailed unit plan or a day segmented into subjects.

So, what is perilous learning?

Perilous learning is bold 

And why perilous learning?

Perilous if we do, perilous if we don’t…  Or maybe just heartbreaking if we don’t as the following clip suggests… (well worth the watch, almost worth the upgrade fee for me to be able to insert it directly into the post)


‘Off you go!’ 






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