Permission for Learning

Reflecting on Professional Learning as we prepare for Term Two… 

When deciding to move over to St Luke’s I was certainly attracted by the promise of a next generation approach to learning.  With this in mind (and with a few aeroplane trips to do over the term break) I delved into  the text ‘World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students’ by Yong Zhao.  

Having heard Yong speak at the 2014 Ann D Clark Lecture, and considering him one of the most engaging speakers in education I have seen (TED talks included!)  I was sure it would make a motivating read and wasn’t disappointed. 

Inspired by stories of young people and entrepreneurship, contrasted by statistics of youth unemployment and global trends in employment and business, Zhao begins  with a research inspired summary of the ‘why’. Why globally, education from the early years through high school has become a stifling, competitive, outdated system. He moves on to outline the ‘how’.  How to improve student outcomes by encouraging a product oriented, creative and entrepreneurial paradigm change that needs to occur in education. 

For those who are excited by a new (dare I say perilous?) approach to learning this text provides a fabulous opportunity to arm yourself with significant and broad research to support any changes made from the ground up. It is a book that supports the engaging, challenging and fulfilling learning and teaching that is so essential to enabling students to become ‘creative and entrepreneurial’.

Now, to see what can come ‘from the ground up’ in Term Two… 

Entrepreneurial Students

Past Experiences with being creative and entrepreneurial… Here is $50 – What can you do with it to make a profit? 



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